Proof that coins are generated with Toon Blast Cheats

Use Toon Blast Cheats to blast away the levels with all of these free coins that you’re gonna get. Levels can get really hard and these cheats will definitely help you out with this. Don’t get stuck on a level again, start playing with 10 000 free Coins!


About the game and Toon Blast Cheats

Toon Blast is a simple game – touch the matching blocks and destroy them. Every few levels you will get a new mission – destroy the boxes, destroy the locked boxes, destroy watermelons and much more! This is super fun, but it can get really hard real quick. In every level, you will have a limited amount of moves that you can do before the level is over and you need to start over. This is really frustrating and I’ve been there a thousand times, but not anymore! With the Toon Blast Cheats and unlimited Coins, I can extend by 5 extra moves every time I run out! Keep reading and learn how can you do this trick as well!

Look on the Toon Blast Cheats tool

How to use these cheats to get free Coins?

It’s quite simple, really. Go to the generator page by clicking the button “Coin Generator” on the top of the page and there you will do the following:

  • Enter your username in the game
  • Choose how much Coins do you want
  • Click on the button “Generate” and wait a few seconds

Proof that coins are generated with Toon Blast Cheats

Yeah, it’s that easy to do! With only a few clicks you will get all the coins you need to get around that hard level that you’ve been stuck for 3 days! This tool is used by many gamers around the world and it’s 100% safe to use.

Final words

Toon Blast is a super fun game, but it gets really hard and limiting if you don’t buy the Coins. With these Coin Blast Cheats and free Coins, you can start playing with more freedom and you don’t need to worry about getting stuck on a level anymore. Start using them now and be the best in your clan!

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