If you like designing your home in Sims games, then you will love this game and you will also like Design Home cheats that we got in for you today so keep reading and design the best home ever!

What is Design Home game?

This is a simple game where you can design your dream house. It does sound simple, but it’s a complicated process. There are so many details that you can change and add in this game that you can really make your dream house. Other than this, you can also do some other things in this game like choosing previous designs from other players and make a few changes. You can also vote on other peoples design and choose the best one so a lot more people can see it. You can also compete with your own designs. Make something cool, submit it and let people decide.

More about Design Home cheats

There are 3 different kinds of resources in this game: keys, cash, and diamonds. Lucky for you, with our special Design Home cheats, you can generate all 3 of them with just a few clicks. The process alone takes only a few minutes of your time and all the work that you need to do is simply click a few buttons and you will get all the resources that you selected. We know that you can’t wait for this, so let’s get started.

Instructions on how to use this

There are 3 ways that you can use this Design Home cheats. If you signed up with your Facebook, in the “username” field, enter your Facebook username and if you didn’t, simply connect your phone to your computer and open up the game. If you are using this on your phone, simply open up the game and leave in the background and use the tool following the instructions below:

  • once you are on the tool, enter your Facebook username if you signed in or connect your phone to your computer or open the game in the background if you’re on your phone
  • from the menu below, type a number of resources that you want in the game (you need to choose all 3 – keys, cash, and diamonds)
  • press on the button “Generate” and wait a few seconds (you will see a console that will let you know what the tool is currently doing)
  • if you see a “Verify” button, click it and complete the process
Final words

Within a few minutes, close and open up your game and all of your generated resources should be there. If they are not, leave a comment below, we will try to help you. Other than that, this is pretty much it for Design Home cheats. They are easy to use, safe and you will get all you need with just a few clicks.

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