This is a simple browser game that is still popular among players around the world and today we are going to show you how can you actually use the Wizard 101 cheats to get some extra crowns to your account in order to get some extra items.

About the game and our Wizard101 Cheats

This game is played online with a lot of other players around the world that. When your first start the game you will be a wizard student that will help save the universe in the game. You will collect items, level up and battle other students and this is the reason why this game is still so popular. You will find many cool items, meet some great people and fight honorable opponents that you will not forget.

As other games on the market, they make money by selling in-game currency called Crowns. You can get free Crowns by reading this article and using your free Wizard101 cheats as we will show you how can you get some extra free Crowns that you can use in the game to buy some more extra stuff in the game.

Where to spend Crowns

With those Crowns you can buy whatever you want- buying to tournaments, unlock extra worlds or rent a specific area to hold tournaments for 6 hours… you can whatever you want and here is how you can get those free Crowns by using our Wizard101 cheats.

How to use our cheats

  • You will need to go to our generator (click the buttons on the website or HERE)
  • Enter the username that you use in the game (example: WizardKing113)
  • Select how much Crowns you will like to get to your account
  • Finish this by clicking on the button «Confirm»

You’re set, open up the game, log in and simply enjoy your Crowns


This is all you have to do – use our Wizard101 cheats and you will get your Crowns within a few minutes and you can start using them for whatever you want in the game. We hope that you will use these Wizard101 cheats as they are safe to use and you can use it a few times a day, there won’t be a problem with it.

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